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K-05 XD

K-05 XD

K-05 XD

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  • 8580002.1
The core model of Esoteric Super Audio CD players, the K-05, is finally available in an XD... mehr
Produktinformationen "K-05 XD"

The core model of Esoteric Super Audio CD players,
the K-05, is finally available in an XD edition.
The design platform is completely revamped and now features VRDS-ATLAS
and Master Sound Discrete DAC / Clock circuitry.
This is an arrival of a completely new Super Audio CD player.

The first K-05 model was introduced in 2011, evolved into the K-05X in 2015,
and K-05Xs in 2018. It has become the best-selling model at the heart of
the Esoteric K Series. The K-05XD inherits the philosophy of the historic K-05 series
but is totally edesigned as a Super Audio CD player; completely different from
the previous 05 models by way of revamping it with an all-new design platform.

A new VRDS-ATLAS transport mechanism “ATLAS 05” is designed exclusively
for this model, and the DAC section employs a discrete circuit with
the "Master Sound Discrete DAC" to further refine the music reproduction capability.

Incorporating the fruits of our labor resulting from the development of the Grandioso G1X
master clock generator, a unique discrete clock circuit for built-in players,
the “Master Sound Discrete Clock for Digital Player” is employed.

An enlarged double-layer chassis accommodates the upgraded ATLAS mechanism,
each larger circuit block, and the power supply section, while it’s the elegant
appearance of the K-05XD, – which is even closer now to the upper models,
– subtly asserts the richness of its content, worthy of being called a major innovation.

Key Features
  • Newly designed VRDS-ATLAS "ATLAS 05" Super Audio CD Transport mechanism
  • “Master Sound Discrete DAC” – In-house developed FPGA, 64bit/512Fs Delta-Sigma modulator
  • “Master Sound Discrete Clock for Digital Player” – in-house discrete clock module
  • Our proprietary “ES-Link Analog” current signal transmission output
  • “Esoteric-HCLD” output buffer amplifier (slew rate: 2,000V/μs)
  • 3 power supply transformers (two toroids for analog, digital and one EI for control)
  • Low-feedback DC regulator
  • 10MHz external clock input
  • Equipped with MQA decoder
  • USB DAC function (DSD 22.5MHz / Asynchronous transmission capability)
  • Various in/out terminals;
     - Digital inputs: coaxial, optical (192kHz & DoP)
     - Digital outputs: XLR, coaxial
  • Selectable digital filter options for PCM, analog FIR filter on/off function for DSD
  • RS-232C port, trigger on/off control
  • RC-1333 remote controller that can also control Esoteric amplifiers.



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